There is a reason the Terri Cooper has been doing Networking events for over 11 years - Because they are that good. She is constantly evolving and ...

Kurek Ashley

Sergio Carlo Maresca
As a general rule, eagles don't flock! But they consistently do just that at Terri Cooper's networking functions! If you are looking for new, win-win clients or dynamic strategic partners, or that explosive creative idea that will boost your bottom line, then I strongly recommend that you attend Terri's networking events. You'll consistently meet great people there, who’ll help you get what you want! In life and in business, you are judged by the company you keep. And that’s why I recommend Terri as the original and the very best Queen of Networking. Magic consistently happens at Terri Cooper Networking Events!
Sergio Carlo Maresca | Maresca International

Martyn Fleming
Have you heard the saying, "You don't need to know everyone in Brisbane, but you do need to know Terri Cooper"? Over the years, Morpheus Property has made some valuable connections through Terri Cooper’s events. I’d recommend Terri’s events to anyone, except our competitors!
Martyn Fleming, Director | Morpheus Property

Greg Cary
I have known Terri for some years and she is always a welcome contributor to my radio program She is a passionate and credible advocate for small business, a cause that is as important as it is under-valued.
Greg Cary | Radio 4BC

Eric Bailey
As a professional speaker I have spoken at hundreds of breakfasts and network meetings around the world. The most important aspect of an early morning gathering of professional people is organization, professionalism, and enthusiasm. When you walk into Terri Cooper’s world you get introduced to all three of those crucial elements. I never get enough of speaking and being involved with her high energy, high impact events! If you are looking for an event that will give you substance, fun, and the platform to form new relationships with like minded individuals then jump out of bed and let Terri turn your business, and mindset around with her energy, passion and the awesome top class speakers that only she can attract. Terri You Rock DA House!!
Eric Bailey | Activational Speaker

Cathy Singleton
Terri is friendly, smart, reliable, highly professional, and very helpful. And so are her networking events. I know I can count on high quality speakers and presenters at all of Terri’s events, along with a structure that allows real networking and relationship building. That’s important to me - and with the plethora of networking opportunities available I have had to learn to become discerning. Sometimes I attend up to five networking events a week - and I don’t go back to all of them. But Terri’s events - I wouldn’t miss them for the world.
Cathy Singleton | Lateral Financial Solutions and Lateral Business D
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